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    Valentine's Day

    You Will Always Be My Valentine


    I Couldn't Wait To Say Happy Valentine's Day (for early delivery)


    Roses Are Red, Violets Are Blue, My Favorite Valentine Will Always Be You


    Life is lonely without cute friends! Aren't you glad you met me!?


    Many people will walk in & out of your life but only true friends will leave footprints in your heart. Let this be the day where my prints are sunk into your heart!

    Never had a dream come true till the day I found you. May I always spend this day with you. Thank you Valentine!


    You've always been in my heart. Love you always now and ever...


    My life has never been the same since the day I met you... Thank you for giving me so much...


    My valentine is like a flower whose beauty blossoms hour by hour. How fortunate I am to know that I'm her valentine also!


    Happy Valentine's Day!


    Love & Romance

    I opened my wallet and I find it empty, reached into my pocket and found a few coins, searched my heart and I found you! Then I realized how rich I am


    All My Love 


    Forever Is My Love


    Many Happy Returns On Your Anniversary


    Just Because I Love You


    Love & Kisses


    My Love For You Grows & Grows


    Love Is A Flame That Burns Bright Eternally


    Take Care, I Miss You & I Love You Forever


    Being With You Is Such A Wonderful Experience


    When A Greeting Is Sent From A Distance, You Can't Hear Wishes, You Can't See Smiles, But You Can Sense CARE, That Comes From The Heart....


    Morning, Noon & Night Time Too .. I Spend The Hours Missing You


    Flowers As Reminders, That Thoughts Are Always Near You To Brighten All Your Moments


    You're the dearest man in my entire life. I treasure you and I promise I won't let go.


    You're the reason why every obstacles became easier to overcome... You're why I wake up smiling everyday... You make life wondeful. Thank you for lighting up my life.


    You are the light when I'm in darkness. I need you to illuminate the future for me.


    I'm falling head over heels in love with you. Love me!


    You are the missing piece of puzzle that I've looking for to make my life full and complete. I love you...


    Just remember I'll never let go even if you do... I'll be holding on tightly... I believe in you and me...


    Rain and storm only make us grow fonder of each other. Nothing is going to take you away from me. I love you, always...


    We have come a long way together ... through a lot of ups and downs ... And nothing is too difficult for our love to overcome... I'm not going to let this go easily...

    You know you can lean on me... in good and bad times... I'll be here with you...

    My mind and thoughts are filled with images of you every minute, every second, every blink. I miss you.


    It's not how beautiful you look. It's not how perfect you are. For you are perfect in my eyes and I can't stop loving you.


    Some people need a kiss a day to seal their love, others need flowers everyday. I just need to see you to keep falling in love all over again.


    How Do I Love You? Let Me Count The Ways... But, No ... I Love You In So Many Ways That Counting Them Would Take Forever.


    Mother's Day

    "M" is for the million things she gave me, "O" means only that she's growing old, "T" is for the tears she shed to save me, "H" is for her heart of purest gold, "E" is for her eyes, with love-light shining, "R" means right, and right she'll always be.

    Thanks For The Gift Of Life / Love


    To The World's Greatest Mom! / Dad!


    How Wise Of Them To Name A Day For People Nice In Every Way


    And Most Of All For Being A Very Special Mom / Dad


    Today, Fathers Across The Land Are Being Honored, Revered & Respected


    Thank You For The Things You've Done, The Happiness You've Given, The Love You've Shown


    Like A Bright Bouquet Of Spring Time Flowers. A Mother's Love Is A Treasure Of Beauty & Joy


    Thanks for every single thing you have done for me. They make me what I'm today! I love you Mum! Happy Mother's Day!


    All the things you have done, no matter how small, has meant a great deal to me. Thank You, Mom!


    You were always standing by me, regardless of rain or storm. For that I thank you, Mom


    Thank you for always providing me with the best and nothing but the best! Happy Mother's Day!


    Mom, I LOVE YOU!


    When I need a shoulder to cry on, you are there. When I need a gentle comfort, you are there. Mom, you are both a great friend and a great mentor thanks!

    Mom, you may be the world's champion in nagging. But I know that I am always in your love and care. Thanks for wanting the best for me mum!


    I know a cool mum who has full trust in me and loves me all the same no matter what I do. I love you too, mum! Thanks for having the faith in me!


    How lucky i am to have found the best mother in the whole world !


    Father's Day

    Dad, I LOVE YOU


    Happy Father's Day, Dad!


    Thank you for the warmth and love that you had showered me with... Dad!


    You are the most important guy in my life... Happy Father's Day


    Thank you for being such a wonderful father... Happy Father's Day!


    Thank You Dad... you're my greatest friend!


    Everyone can be a father, but it takes someone special to be called dad. Happy father's day, dad !


    I need not a hero for I have none a greater hero than daddy in my life. Thanks dad for being there!


    Dad, you are both a friend and a mentor, the guide of my life! Thanks for being there for me always.


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